Episode Guides
Everything Changes 1.1 - EVERYTHING CHANGES
When Gwen Cooper discovers the weird and wonderful world of Torchwood, her life will never be the same again.
Day One 1.2 - DAY ONE
Gwen's first day on the job is an eventful one, as Torchwood encounter a sex-obsessed alien who turns its victims to dust.
Ghost Machine 1.3 - GHOST MACHINE
Owen is tested to the limit when Torchwood discover a device that allows them to view the ghosts that walk among us.
Cyberwoman 1.4 - CYBERWOMAN
There's a dark secret hidden in the basement of the Hub - even Jack is unaware, but Ianto knows the truth.
Small Worlds 1.5 - SMALL WORLDS
Jack encounters enemies from his past that are determined to harm those closest to him.
Countrycide 1.6 - COUNTRYCIDE
When the team visit an allegedly empty village in the Brecon Beacons, they come face to face with their worst fears.
Greeks Bearing Gifts 1.7 - GREEKS BEARING GIFTS
Tosh gains the ability to read the minds of those closest to her, but soon realises that her new power is a curse.
They Keep Killing Suzie 1.8 - THEY KEEP KILLING SUZIE
When the team use alien technology to quiz the victims of a serial killer, Gwen learns the link is closer to home.
Random Shoes 1.9 - RANDOM SHOES
Gwen finds herself drawn to Eugene, a hit-and-run victim who was convinced that aliens were coming to Earth.
Out Of Time 1.10 - OUT OF TIME
A small passenger plane takes off in 1950, but when it falls through the Rift, it lands years out of its time.
Combat 1.11 - COMBAT
Owen Harper is led down a dark path after the team discover a ring who are kidnapping Weevils.
Captain Jack Harkness 1.12 - CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS
When Jack and Tosh find themselves trapped during the Blitz, a dark, shocking secret from Jack's past is brought to light.
End Of Days 1.13 - END OF DAYS
As the Rift fractures, Jack realises that Torchwood is destined to be drawn into one vast battle, leaving nobody unchanged.