Episode Guides
Everything Changes 2.1 - KISS KISS, BANG BANG
The Torchwood team reunite to fight a rogue Time Agent called Captain John.
Day One 2.2 - SLEEPER
A burglary results in a mysterious death, but is an ordinary woman really be behind such a gruesome demise?
Ghost Machine 2.3 - TO THE LAST MAN
Tommy is woken every year from his cryogenic sleep, promised by Jack that one day they'll need him.
Cyberwoman 2.4 - MEAT
Two worlds collide when Gwen is forced to investigate Rhys' involvement in an alien meat smuggling.
Small Worlds 2.5 - ADAM
An alien with the power to change memories infiltrates Torchwood.
Countrycide 2.6 - RESET
Jack calls in Martha Jones to help Torchwood investigate a string of mysterious deaths.
Greeks Bearing Gifts 2.7 - DEAD MAN WALKING
Torchwood face a force from the darkness when Jack takes matters into his own hands.
They Keep Killing Suzie 2.8 - A DAY IN THE DEATH
When Owen helps a woman on the brink of suicide, he learns a few things about his own life - and death - along the way.
As Gwen prepares to walk down the aisle, she finds her magical day ruined by an alien baby who has hitched a lift inside her.
Out Of Time 2.10 - FROM OUT OF THE RAIN
An old cinema re-opens in Cardiff, releasing killers from the past who begin to stalk the streets.
Combat 2.11 - ADRIFT
Gwen is shocked when she discovers that Jack has been hiding a dark secret from the rest of the team.
Captain Jack Harkness 2.12 - FRAGMENTS
After being caught in a booby trapped building, Tosh, Owen, Jack and Ianto each recall how they first joined Torchwood.
End Of Days 2.13 - EXIT WOUNDS
Captain John returns to have his revenge on Torchwood, and this time, not all the team will get out alive.