Series 2 Episode 4
Two worlds collide when Gwen investigates her boyfriend, Rhys, and his involvement in alien meat smuggling. But neither of them can prepare themselves for what they are about to discover about the meat, and not to mention each other.
Memorable Quotes
  • Rhys: What do I exactly need protecting from!?
    Gwen: I catch aliens!
  • Tosh: Maybe the answer is to go out with someone who knows what you do?
    Owen: Look around you Tosh. Only we know what we do.
  • Rhys: Well if you stopped and asked me exactly what I saw in there instead of showing off...
    Jack: Do I show off?
    Ianto: Just a bit.
    Rhys:'d know that I got out by telling them I wanted a job as a delivery boy. So rather than cock things up, I found you a way to get in! But if you can't handle that, big boy, you can stuff it!
    Jack: (Pause) This is quite homoerotic.
  • Rhys: You lot can hide in the back of the van.
    Gwen: What is this? Scooby Doo?
  • Jack: Do you really think you could go back to your life before Torchwood?
    Gwen: I wouldn't know any different.
    Jack: I would.