Something Borrowed
Series 2 Episode 9
Rhys and Gwen's wedding - the happiest day of their lives! But an alien baby has hitched a ride inside Gwen, and the bride-to-be soon realises that once you work for Torchwood, you'll always work for Torchwood.
Memorable Quotes
  • Jack: You aren't thinking straight!
    Gwen: Do not bring my bloody hormones into this, Mr Jack Harkness!
  • Ianto: I'm looking for a wedding dress for a friend.
    Assistant: Of course you are, sir. You'd be surprised. We're quite used to men... buying 'for their friends".
  • Jack: What is it with you!? Ever since Owen died all you do is agree with him!
    Ianto: I was brought up to never speak ill of the dead.