The Categories of Life
Series 4 Episode 5
Torchwood goes undercover, and discovers the truth behind the Miracle. But the enemy is closing in, and death is about to make a shocking return.
Memorable Quotes
  • Rhys: (To Gwen) I'm your driver. Clearly. Might I ask, is there any luggage to pick up?
    Gwen: No. The only thing you'll be picking up is me.
    Rhys: That'll be a pleasure.
    Gwen: I don't think I like the tone of your voice.
    Rhys: And what are you going to do about it?
    Gwen: Many things.
  • Gwen: Who's with Anwen?
    Rhys: No one. I left her with petrol and a cigarette lighter. Your mum's there, isn't she?
    Gwen: Oh, great. See, now in America you can legally divorce your own mother...
  • Mary: (About Anwen) She's a very good girl. Sleeps the whole night! Doesn't fuss at bedtime like some babies I could mention...
  • Esther: (To Jack) Do you think I'm useless?
    Jack: No. I think you're new to all this.
    Esther: Yeah, but I'm CIA.
    Jack: So's Rex. But he's just pretending. And that's the big secret, Esther. Times like these, the game goes to the person who speaks with the loudest voice. But pretty much everyone just wishes their mother was here.
    Esther: I lost my mum back in 2003. What about you?
    Jack: I don't know. Long ago and so far away.
  • Rex: (About Jack) He likes to call himself Captain Jack, but I'm not buying that.
  • Gwen: They've built ovens.
    Rhys: What do you mean?
    Gwen: They built ovens, all over the world. That's what the modules are, they're ovens. They're burning them. The patients, they're burning them alive.