The Middle Men
Series 4 Episode 6
With Gwen, Rex and Esther trapped on both sides of the Atlantic, Jack faces a race against time as he goes straight to the heart of the conspiracy.
Memorable Quotes
  • Rex: There's no way they're stopping me.
  • Gwen: (To Dr Patel) Do you even know what really happens here!? Do you know what happens in the module!?
  • Gwen: (To Dr Patel) You're nice and safe, hidden behind your paperwork. You haven't got the nerve to actually watch them burn. Because then you'd have to face the truth, wouldn't you? That this isn't a hospital. This is a concentration camp.
  • Gwen: (To Rhys) We can do this. We can beat the system. We can beat them all.
  • Jack: (To Stuart) Tell me who's behind this.
  • Gwen: Hell to pay, Rhys Williams, if you don't show. Hell to pay.
  • Gwen: We've got to find out what's behind all of this and put a stop to it once and for all.
  • Gwen: This is the truth, for the whole world to see. We let our governments build concentration camps. They built ovens for people in our names. Now I don't care if the whole society bends over and takes this like a dog. I'm saying no.
    Jack: That's my girl.
  • Rex: (To Esther) This is not over, not for Torchwood. And I need you in this fight.