Out of Time
Series 1 Episode 10
The Torchwood team are drawn into strong personal relationships when a small passenger plane from the 1950s flies through the Rift. They must help the temporal immigrants adapt to contemporary life.
Memorable Quotes
  • John: You can't take away our names! For God's sake, man, it's all we've got left! It's my son's name. It's the name above my shop!
  • Gwen: It's like there's two separate worlds. There's Torchwood, and then there's real life.
  • Diane: Do you have a girlfriend?
    Owen: No.
    Diane: So, who do all those beauty products belong to?
    Owen: Er, me, actually...
    Diane: No!
    Owen: Oi. Real men can moisturise too, you know!
  • Diane: The thing about love is that you're always at its mercy.
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