Captain Jack Harkness
Series 1 Episode 12
When Jack and Toshiko are transported back to the Blitz, they find themselves facing a dark secret from the Captain's past - one he had hoped and believed had been buried for good.
Memorable Quotes
  • Tosh: Where's the SUV? Has it been stolen?
    Jack: No. We have!
  • George: I was only dancing!
    Captain Jack: I think it was your fist in his face that he didn't like, not your foxtrot!
  • Owen: You're just the teaboy!
    Ianto: I'm much more than that.
  • Jack: I know too much.
    Tosh: Then share.
    Jack: You wouldn't want that. Trust me.
  • Ianto: Get out of there, Gwen. That's an order.
    Owen: I'm sorry, but who exactly put you in charge?
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