Ghost Machine
Series 1 Episode 3
When Torchwood discovers a machine that allows them to view the ghosts that walk among us, Owen uses it to investigate an unsolved crime, with consequences that could potentially change all of their futures...
Memorable Quotes
  • Owen: Bernie Harris!
    Bernie: Please don't hurt me!
    Owen: I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm gonna bloody kill you!
  • Jack: Ever had déjà vu? Felt someone walk over your grave? Ever felt someone behind you in an empty room? Well there was. There always is.
    A ghost.
  • Jack: The city will be awake soon. All those people, all that energy.
    Gwen: And all those ghosts...
    Jack: We're surrounded by them. We can't see them, we can't touch them, but they're there all right. A million shadows of human emotion. But we've just got to learn to live with them.
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Torchwood Series 1, Volume 1

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