Series 2 Episode 11
When PC Andy calls Gwen to the scene of a missing child case, she is forced into an investigation that uncovers a dark secret about Captain Jack - one that he has has kept quiet for many months.
Memorable Quotes
  • Nikki: Do you think I'm mad?
    Gwen: No. I think you'd make a great policewoman.
  • Gwen: We're the only ones who know the truth! We can help them. We don't have to be this hard!
  • PC Andy: How's Rhys? Other than hungry.
  • Gwen: Torchwood doesn't do maternity leave. "Sorry Jack, I'd love to deal with those aliens but I can't find a babysitter", "No, no, no, I'll sort out that bomb once I've dropped Rhys Jr. off at nursery".