Naoko Mori

Naoko Mori was born in Japan on November 19th 1975, and is best known for her roles as Sarah in Absolutely Fabulous, Mie Nishi-Kawa in Casualty, and, of course, Toshiko Sato in Torchwood.

Her family moved to New York when she was four years old, and then moved back to Japan when she was ten, only to move to London two years later. While in London, Mori took singing lessons, and when she was 17 years old, she was cast as Kim in the West End production of Miss Saigon, alongside her future Torchwood co-star, John Barrowman.

She was also cast as Sarah in Absolutely Fabulous around this time, and between 1993-1994, she appeared in Casualty as the hospital's receptionist.

She has also made appearences in Spiceworld: The Movie (1997), Topsy-Turvy (1999), and Running Time (2000).

Her other TV credits include Judge John Deed (2001), Spooks (2002), Mile High (2003), and in 1995 she made a cameo appearance as a Japanese computer hacker in Hackers.

She also had a leading role in the BBC docu-drama Hiroshima (2005), and has provided the voice for the villainess Mai Hem in the game Perfect Dark Zero.

Mori appeared in the Doctor Who episode Aliens of London as Dr Sato, and later reprised the role in Torchwood. She returned to the West End in 2006, in Avenue Q.