Owen Harper
Owen Harper
Played by Burn Gorman
Appearances: Series 1, Series 2

"I torture people in happy relationships."

Owen Harper was a doctor, who was working at Cardiff A&E when he was recruited to join the team by Captain Jack. A self-confessed womaniser, Owen once stole an alien perfume from the Hub, breaking a fundamental rule that alien objects are to be left inside at all times. The perfume made him extremely attractive to whoever he encountered.

Owen had relationships with most of the team, including Gwen, Tosh and Suzie. When Diane Holmes arrived through a Rift in time, Owen fell in love with her, and was left devastated when she chose to leave him and travel back through to her old life. It was an image of her that eventually persuaded him to open the Rift, which caused mass devastation across Cardiff.

Owen was arrogant, narcissistic and a genius - and he was fully aware of it. He had it in him to be extremely harsh and uncaring of people's feeings, but he could also be the exact opposite.

An example of this is when, after witnessing the rape and murder of Lizzie Lewis, he tracked down her killer and tried to kill him, stopped only by Gwen. Although this might not seem like a particularly morally correct thing to do, it shows that Owen had it in him to care to a certain extent. Despite all of his shortcomings, Owen was a good person at heart, and he was extremely loyal to Torchwood and its other team members.

Owen and Jack
"We never did get that date, did we?"

Whilst the team were investigating the Reset drug, Owen was shot and killed. After refusing to give up on him so soon, Jack braved a pack of Weevils in order to track down the second resurrection glove. With it, he brought Owen back to life, but he was brought back permanently, and, naturally, Owen found it difficult to accept his new life being a dead man. He was unable to get his head around the fact that he could no longer eat, fart or have intercourse - three of his favourite past times.

He was eventually killed after being trapped in a Nuclear Power facility bunker, which slowly flooded with deadly radioactive material. Still unable to die properly, Owen would have remained conscious while his body was slowly decomposed.