Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams
Played by Kai Owen
Appearances: Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4

Series 1-3
When we first met Rhys Williams, a transport manager, he is living in a flat in Cardiff with his long-term partner, Gwen. Unbeknownst to him, Gwen has left her job on the police force and is instead working for Torchwood, having pledged to keep her new career a secret from him. While she notes that it's best he doesn't find out for his own safety, it's also because he's now her only source of morality, having completely indulged herself in the weird and wonderful world of the alien organisation. She takes great comfort in the fact that she can go home at the end of each day and live a seemingly normal life with him, but this ideal scenario is unfortunately short-lived.

"What do I exactly need protecting from!?"

As Gwen begins to feel more and more guilty that she's keeping the truth about her new life from him, and with Rhys none the wiser that their relationship is starting to fall apart, Gwen begins a passionate affair with her fellow team member, Owen. Meanwhile, Rhys becomes increasingly suspicious and starts to pick up on various changes in her personality.

Gwen eventually decides to come clean, and admits that she's been unfaithful. As an angered Rhys demands answers, the Retcon amnesia pill that Gwen has drugged him with knocks him out, and he later wakes up with no recollection of her confession. When Bilis Manger stabs Rhys in an attempt to convince Gwen to open the Rift, however, she is left heartbroken and finally realises how much he really means to her. When time is put right and Rhys is brought back, Gwen learns to appreciate him much more, but still doesn't tell him of her her role at Torchwood. Shortly after, he asks Gwen to marry him, and she accepts his proposal.

Rhys in Miracle DayInevitably, Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood when his firm of lorries is caught up with a group of alien meat smugglers. Gwen's two worlds suddenly collide, and she takes a bewildered Rhys down to the Hub to show him the life she's been hiding for so long. After helping the team infiltrate the factory, he stands by Gwen when she has all of her memories of him removed by Adam, and he also supports her when she is impregnated by an alien on their wedding day. Although he seemingly accepts her new lifestyle, he can't help but vent his frustration as a result of Gwen continuously talking about her work, when they should be discussing normal 'couple' things. He is overjoyed when he learns that she is pregnant.

Miracle Day
Gwen's husband is loyal, loving and passionate about her. A new father, he is firmly devoted to their daughter Anwen and the unity of their family. They've been through a lot, particularly when Rhys discovered Gwen's secret life working for Torchwood - a world he could barely have imagined. Unafraid to tell Gwen when she's out of line or to say family sometimes needs to come first, Rhys is confident in his relationship with her and carries a grudging respect for Jack. But how much longer can he endure the dangers of Torchwood?

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