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Miracle Day
Gwen Cooper Gwen Cooper
Gwen was once the heart and soul of Torchwood, but she knows that one day trouble will come calling again.
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Rhys Williams Rhys Williams
Gwen's husband is loyal, loving and passionate about her, but how much longer can he endure the dangers of Torchwood?
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Rex Matheson Rex Matheson
Ruthless, brilliant and destined for fast-track promotion, Rex is a CIA agent at the top of his game.
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Esther Drummond Esther Drummond
Esther dreams of serving her country as a field agent, and the dream is going to happen faster than she thinks.
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Oswald Danes Oswald Danes
Infamous convicted child killer Oswald is given a whole new life when he survives his own execution.
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Jilly Kitzinger Jilly Kitzinger
Ambitious and ruthless, there's little Jilly wouldn't do for her career.
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Dr. Vera Juarez Dr. Vera Juarez  
Smart, sexy and hard working, Vera is on the frontline of medical care and is soon inextricably tangled up with Rex.
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Series 1-3
Ianto Jones Ianto Jones
Ianto was always there to help the team, and along the way he proved himself to be more than just a tea boy.
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Toshiko Sato Toshiko Sato
Computer genius Toshiko joined the team after being saved by Jack in more ways than one.
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Owen Harper Owen Harper
Owen was the doctor of the team, but there was nobody there to help him when he was brought back from the dead.
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Martha Jones Martha Jones
Life with the Doctor left Martha fully equipped to help the team uncover the truth behind the mysterious Reset drug.
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